Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Home Improvement

About a month ago I decided that it was time to ripe the carpet off of the stairs leading downstairs.  I had this plan to take off the carpet and then paint them.  I thought it would be a job that would take about  week or two to complete.  

 Not knowing what was underneath the carpet didn't concern me as Kent was sure it was cement.  Underneath the brown carpet was a layer of ugly green vinyl that just peeled right off.  But, underneath that was a layer of uglier brown/tan vinyl that was glued down.  After scraping for hours and not making much progress, Kent figured out the best and fasted way to remove both the vinyl and the glue (towels soaked in hot water and then scraping the glue off).  We were done in no time.   

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Look, it is good wood underneath these stairs!  Good news.  

The bottom part of the stairs were another story.  After scraping off the two layers we discovered that 4 of the steps were not in good shape.  In fact they were disgusting.  We also discovered that underneath the these stairs there were cement stairs.  After taking out the rotted stairs were we able to rebuild them and glue/nail the new ones in place.  
Next step was to prime all the steps.  I chose to paint the steps a chocolate brown on the treads, and pain the risers white.  I also added molding along the outside edges and also the joint where the riser meets the treads. 

In all, this project took longer than i had planned (just a little over a month to finish).  I am pretty happy with how they turned out.  I also painted the walls a lighter color which just makes it looks that much better!


Mike & Kelly Williams said...

The stairs look great! What's the next project going to be?

Heather said...

Those look awesome! Well done.

Kati Howard said...

so many projects! your house will be brand new by the time we see it next.:) I like the brown and white. very classic looking.

Zach said...

Those look really nice! We have a set of stairs you could work on for us if you'd like :)